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Privacy Policy
Liberty link mall and its associated companies (hereinafter generally referred to as the "liberty link mall" or "we") has always been solemn promise to protect use netease's products and services (hereinafter generally referred to as the "liberty link mall service") the user (hereinafter generally referred to as the "user" or "you") privacy. When you use the liberty link mall service, we may collect and use your information.

This privacy policy applies to all netease services we provide. When you use us any single service, you agree to accept our "privacy policy" and we made in the individual service specific privacy policy terms and conditions (the following referred to as "specific terms"), in this case the specific terms and the terms of this policy and have effect on you. For example, users of liberty link mall online game service are used, and the privacy policy and the privacy protection and personal information utilization policies of online game users are also applicable (see annex I); For example, users who use netease will also apply the privacy policy and liberty link mall payment privacy policy (see annex ii). If there is an inconsistent agreement between the specific provisions and the provisions of this privacy policy, the specific provisions shall prevail in the scope of the specific provisions. If a single service provided by us does not apply to this privacy policy, this privacy policy will be excluded in the appropriate manner.

Please note that we will check our policy from time to time, so the relevant measures will change accordingly. We urge you to visit this page regularly to ensure that we are always aware of the latest version of our privacy policy. After reading this policy, please contact if you have any questions about the privacy policy or any matters related to this privacy policy.

You use or continue to use the liberty link mall service, which means you agree that we collect, use, store and share your information in accordance with this privacy policy.